Important information for all our employees, partners, customers and visitors on our COVID-19 risk assessments and policies

Social Distancing At Work

We are taking our responsibility to protect all our team members, visitors and customers from COVID-19 very seriously, and as such we have strict social distancing policies in place on all our sites.  We ask that all our team members and site visitors, adhere to the social distancing policies on site, maintaining a minimum of 2m between others and observing all of the signage on both the walls and floors on our sites.  We ask that any person on site, takes the advice from the management team, but we also ask that everyone takes responsibility to help us make this happen - if you see someone not social distancing, please tell them, or, report it to us!

Our sites have a lot of signage, and in some sites we have made some major building alterations to allow for better social distancing, including the creation of new toilets, an open plan reception area and double doors into the warehouse to allow for social distancing measures - We have also invested in clear signage & floor markings to help

Personal Protective Equipment

We supply all our team members with hand sanitiser, both in clearly sign posted areas within our buildings, but we also provide refillable bottles with belt clips, for use on the road.  Lewtas Logistics Group does not current endorse the use of face coverings to provide protection against COVID-19 inline with WHO and PHE advice, but some of our customers do operate a face covering policy and therefore team members associated to those contracts will be provided with facemasks inline with their individual policies.

We provide anti bacterial wipes to all drivers and encourage regular cleaning of vehicles, keys and mobile devices.

Our sites have increased cleaning schedules, cleaning down all frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, desks, toilets and kitchen areas, we have also removed the ability for our teams to make hot and cold drinks in the recreational areas, but instead have provided a drinks vending machine, where the drinks are free, allowing for a one touch dispense, minimising contact with multiple surfaces and products that others come into contact with.

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